The Truth About Being a Car Salesman

There are always two sides to everything and being a car salesman is no different. Whether you are currently in the sales side of the car business or if you are considering a car sales career you will benefit from this article. There are many people that see the car sales person in a less than favorable light because of the media and the antics that the car business of yesterday. These stories have become somewhat of an urban myth about the life of an auto sales associate. I hope to give you a closer look at being an auto salesman from the inside that will put these rumors and myths to rest.

I started being as a vehicle salesman several years ago and have watched the business of selling cars change quite dramatically from what it was only ten years ago. The day of the sales person that controls the customer is a thing of the past and I don’t see it going back anytime soon. The car buyer of today was wealth of information available to them on the internet and very often the car buyer knows more about a particular vehicle than the sales person. This information puts the automobile buyer in the driver seat and now they control the salesman instead of the other way around.

Being a Car Salesman Requires Professionalism

The successful car salesman of today is a professional and uses more of a consultative car sales approach to selling cars, not because they want to, but because they have to. Most customers have dozens of car dealers within driving distance from their home and can select any of these as a place to do business. Once a car dealership gets a reputation for being deceptive or unscrupulous it can be very difficult to turn that around. So in order to remain a member of the local business community the dealership must provide excellent customer service which requires anyone that is serious about being an automobile salesman to be a professional.

The Ins and Outs of Being a Car Salesman

A day in the life of an automobile salesperson consists of talking to customers, educating customers on the features and benefits of specific vehicles, going for test drives with potential car buyers, negotiating prices and terms and hopefully preparing vehicles for delivery. However there are times that the sales person does not have any customers and they either wait around for clients to come onto the lot or they take care of other duties that are part of being a car salesman. These may include checking cars when they are received, doing paperwork for future deliveries, prospecting for future business and following up with past customers to make sure all is well with their new car because customer satisfaction is very important for today’s professional vehicle sales person.

One aspect of being a car salesman that most people don’t understand or don’t like is the way in which they are compensated. They are paid on a commission basis, so if they don’t sell any cars they don’t get paid. However, if you are good sales associate that is really not a concern because a good car salesman will always sell cars. Overall the hardest part of being an automobile sales person is the when you first start in the car business. There is so much to learn and the car business is not like any other business. The first couple of months can be trying, but once you get past that learning curve the life of an auto sales associate can be quite good. So if you are thinking of being a car salesman make sure you stick it out no matter what happens the first couple of months because after that it gets better and better.

Cleaning Oil, Grease, Butter, Vegetable Oil, Margarine, Cosmetic Creme Stains From Your Car

One of the worst problems in the cleaning of cars is the wide variety of stains that appear on the seats, carpet and interior. We will discuss the ways to clean such tough stains in car interiors as Oil, Grease, Butter, Vegetable Oil, Margarine, Cosmetic Crème Stains. First off the important thing is to use a Neutral soap or Neutral products with a ph of 7. (PH is measured on a scale of 0-14 for acidity or alkalinity) 7 are in the middle meaning neutral. This way none of the products used will form chemical reactions while using them.

Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Washes use a variety of trade secrets to clean such stains effortlessly and efficiently and charge quite a bit to do it. The average cost to detail the interior two front seats of a car is $25.00 plus carpet shampoo of $25.00.

Some companies recommend certain brands to their mobile car wash teams. The best types of cleaners for these stains are solvent based and should be used carefully. They can combine and make more of a mess if not used properly. Caution is important and a virtue and this is truer in this scenario than in any other part of auto detailing. First clean up the main mess by scraping excess and getting it down to as small an area as possible. Plastic razor blades work good for this. Then gently dab your solvent cleaner on the stain without ripping and it should start to come up. If you get no discoloration from this you can then wipe gently. When you are all completed try using some foam type upholstery cleaner and wipe. Then perhaps some warm water on a rag to finish the job.

Mobile Auto Detailing Public Relations and Promotional Events

Many times small business mobile auto detailing companies fall short in their promotions and public relations. Generally one could attribute this to the fact that business is always good and cars in the United States are quite plentiful, even more than people. In fact there are 1.2 cars for every man, woman and child in this country, including all the school buses, postal jeeps, delivery vans and police cars. Think about it; all the boats, motorcycles, trailers, motor homes, SUVs, mini-vans and cars? Sure there is a lot of business to be had indeed. But certainly since it is a cash business for the most part, there is no reason you cannot run it like a real business and grow it to a large endeavor. Here are some promotional ideas:

Call up a radio station.

Find out when their next event will be. Offer to wash everyone’s car who shows up. Tell them you will even wash the radio station van. They will announce on the radio all week that “Joe’s Mobile detailing and Car Wash” are washing cars at location X for free. Show up and bring the whole family.” Yes, you will be working your little rear end off all day, but the referrals and good will and future customers will be enough to add a second or third unit to your little company.

Blood Drive.

Offer to wash anyone’s car that shows up for a blood drive providing it will be a big turn out. Challenge your local car wash and any other competitors to a competition, who can get the most people under 25 to donate blood. ‘Alert the media’ to the event. Use a public official – the mayor, etc. – to judge the contest. Don’t charge customers. Make it a real big event. Go for quality and number of units washed in one hour or in thirty minutes. Even if you lose, it’s great publicity.

Look if you want to win the promotional game, you must think out side the box, so what are you waiting for anyway? Embossment on an invite; please that is ridiculous. Get out there and kick butt.

Skoda Auto: The Story of the Ugly Duckling

It is no secret that the Czech Republic’s biggest car maker Skoda Auto has been in the past – a laughing stock in the automotive world. But things are finally turning around for the automaker and right now it has become a profit producing force for its owner Volkswagen.

The Czech Republic’s biggest car maker is also planning to open up new markets in China, India, and Russia. Skoda Auto was bought by Volkswagen in the year 1991 and become one of the forces behind the latter’s global force. And as part of Europe’s largest automaker, Skoda Auto makes use of quality Volkswagen auto parts for its production like the popular Volkswagen spark plug wires.

Skoda Auto was able to record net profits for the last week of 2006 totaling to 11.06 billion koruna or 392 million euros (515 million dollars). It obtained a 40% increase as compared to its earnings in the previous year.

Skoda Auto’s production also increased by 12.6 percent or 556,347 units with successful deliveries of up 11.7 percent resulting to an overall sales increase of 8.7 percent to 203.7 billion koruna. For this year, Europe’s largest automaker Volkswagen owner of Skoda is expecting for it to produce more than 600,000 cars.

According to Marc-Rene Tonn an analyst from German bank MM Warburg and Co., “Skoda is an extremely profitable part of the Volkswagen Group.” He also stressed that about one in every 10 Volkswagen Group cars are produced in the Czech Republic especially those sold in the year 2005. This was seconded by Stephen Pope, a London-based analyst with financial services group Cantor Fitzgerald Europe, “Volkswagen will rely heavily on Audi and Skoda during this current period.” Since he said that the Europe’s largest automaker is currently struggling with an ageing range of models and it needs new launches to revive it. “The whole new image of Skoda has changed. It is no longer taken as a joke and is now seen as a pure derivative of Volkswagen, but much more reasonably priced.”

Pope also added that this simply shows the remarkable development that Skoda Auto has achieved under the management of Volkswagen for the past 15 years as part of the VW Group. Praises also to Volkswagen for being steadfast in its decision not to scrap the Skoda brand in spite of the not so good image that the brand has in Western Europe (DaimlerChrysler could used some advice from Volkswagen).

The turning of the Skoda into one of Volkswagen’s flagship producer of reasonably priced reliable cars just goes to show the effective management style that Europe’s largest automaker have. And today, Volkswagen is leading Skoda to become its low-cost spearhead into the booming economies of China, India, and Russia without damaging along the way it attempts to target a more prestige market.

Pope also said that “Skoda will be designated as the entry level car with the premium part of the market left for Volkswagen.”

The boss of Skoda Detlef Wittig has announced last week the company’s goal of producing low-cost car for the Asian market, mentioning also that the company plans of opening up markets in India, Russia, and China. The low-cost Fabia and the top-of-the-range Superb are scheduled to be produced for China in partnership with Shanghai Volkswagen. Likewise, launches production of the mid-range Octavia model are set for China this year.

The Czech automaker has already car assembly and production projects in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, and India. Current models lined up for production includes the mid-range Roomster which will complete the current four model range and the three-door sporty vehicle called the Skoda Joyster which is designed for young buyers.